About Us

About us

Our products range to all kind of print and packaging needs of our customers. State-of-the-art printing facility and experienced work-force make us hardly say ‘impossible’ to a print job. Following is how we categorize our products based on what is dose for our customers. Our products ranging from Leaflets, Brochures, Annual Reports with CD, Magazines, Posters, Barcode Stickers, Insert Cards, Security transfers, booklets and pouches, printed boxes, stand-along packaging, Inner box packaging etc. Having catered to printing and packaging needs of varied market segments for last 43 Years, we have built our strengths on manufacturing skills, product quality, market knowledge and state-of-the art printing technology.


Our Vision

To be the market leaders in the field of offset printing in Sri Lanka, providing outputs of superior quality, at a reasonable price.

Our Mission

By using the latest printing technology, results-driven-management-strategies and the dedication of an experienced staff we certify to let you experience a high quality print solution and a friendly customer service that is always at your call.

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